The Landlord's No-No List: What They Can't Do!

Published by: Christian Walker

Landlords and tenants each play a crucial role in creating a safe and harmonious living environment. While landlords set guidelines for how tenants should treat their property, there are also clear rules that landlords must follow, regardless of property ownership. These regulations are in place to guarantee that tenants can reside peacefully and undisturbed, as they are rightfully entitled to.

Let's dive into the world of renting and discover what landlords in the UK absolutely cannot do.

1. Enter Without Knocking
Think of your rented place as your castle. Your landlord can't just barge in whenever they feel like it. They need to give you at least 24 hours' notice unless it's an emergency. So, no surprise visits!

2. Keep Your Deposit in Their Piggy Bank
Your security deposit isn't for the landlord's next holiday. It must be placed in a government-approved tenancy deposit scheme. This way, it's safe and sound until you move out.

3. Turn Into a Heat Scrooge
Landlords must ensure your home is fit to live in, and that includes proper heating. They can't tell you to wear extra jumpers instead of fixing the boiler.

4. Hike the Rent Like They're Climbing Everest
Rent increases must be fair and in line with your rental agreement. Your landlord can't just wake up one day and decide to double your rent because they're feeling cheeky.

5. Become a Repair-Phobic
Leaky taps? Dodgy wiring? It's not on you to fix these. Your landlord should be the repair superhero, swooping in to fix things that go wrong, not leaving you to battle the drips and sparks.

6. Kick You Out on a Whim
Evicting you requires a proper process. They can't just show up with a "Please Leave" banner. They need to provide valid reasons and follow legal procedures.

7. Ignore Your Right to Quiet Enjoyment
Your home is your sanctuary. Landlords shouldn't be interrupting your peace or allowing the property to become noisy or bothersome.

8. Discriminate Against You
It's a big no-no for landlords to treat you unfairly based on your race, gender, religion, disability, sexuality, or whether you prefer cats over dogs. Everyone deserves a fair chance at a cosy home.

9. Forget About Safety
Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors aren’t just fancy wall decor. They're life-savers, and your landlord must make sure they work.

10. Turn a Blind Eye to Pests
If you spot more mice than crumbs, it's not a 'Cinderella' moment. Your landlord should take pest control seriously and not leave you with unwanted roommates.

Knowing what your landlord can't do is like having a secret superpower. If something feels off, it probably is. Speak up and remember, renting should be as smooth as your favourite chocolate bar – no nasty surprises! So, next time you're sipping tea, remember these landlord no-nos.